Our $985 Cremation Service

We provide a complete and affordable cremation service for those who want limited or no ceremony such as a viewing, visitation, or funeral service. 


Our cremation service is $985 and includes:

  • Complete cremation arrangements by a cremation specialist licensed since 1995.
  • Personal response to the initial request for services.
  • Obtaining the required authorizations and preparing documents needed for both the cremation and to complete the certificate of death, including permits and the County Medical Examiner fee.
  • Transportation of the deceased by licensed professionals.
  • The cremation and a container for use during this process.
  • Included is a simple urn for the return of the cremated remains.
  • Notification to the Social Security Administration.
  • Filing the original certificate of death and one complimentary certified copy.
  • Assisting Veterans and other basic services such as coordinating with the crematory and other third parties.


Payment for Cremation Services

Community Cremation accepts payment by cash, check, debit and credit cards.


Paperwork Needed 

When a life is lost it is the survivors who are left to complete paperwork and make a decision regarding a simple cremation provider. The paperwork for cremation services can be completed here and faxed back to Community Cremation at 727-231-0703. 

These forms include:
– A personal information form that is needed for the death certificate and should be accurate.
– A two-page authorization for cremation that informs you on the cremation process and authorizes cremation. This needs to be signed by the next-of-kin in front of a notary.
– A death certificate order form that helps determine the quantity needed to handle financial and other business matters after someone dies. 


Delivery of cremated remains.

Personal delivery is part of our service. Cremation in Tampa bay allows us to personally deliver of the cremated remains. Your loved one will be handled with care until placed in your hands. We can also hand carry the cremated remains to the Veterans cemetery at Bay Pines and Bushnell.

Shipping of cremated remains.

Cremated remains can be shipped to any address in the Continental United States and Canada and are shipped by the United States Postal Service using registered express mail services.

How long will it be before I receive certificates of death and the cremated remains?

We cannot guarantee a specific date the death certificate and direct cremation will be complete but make every effort to quickly complete this process. Certain procedural requirements could take as long as a week.

Florida law states there is a 48 hour waiting period before cremation can take place. Once the paperwork has been completed Community Cremation initiates the certificate of death with the doctor. The doctor will complete their portion of the certificate of death. We then forward the certificate of death to the medical examiner for final review and approval of direct cremation. It is only when we receive final medical examiner approval that we can schedule the cremation and order certificates of death.


Celebrate their life

How you choose to remember your loved one is a personal choice. At Community Cremation, we provide ideas for celebrating a life that can take place without excessive costs and the memories are more meaningful. Consider a gathering of family and friends at a Veteran’s cemetery, a church, a clubhouse or community center, the natural setting of a beach or park, your home, or another meaningful location.

Community Cremation can assist with scattering cremated remains in the Gulf of Mexico. This can be attended or unattended where the Captain travels the required distance from shore and the longitude and latitude coordinates are recorded and provided in the form of a certificate.

Don’t put a strain on finances. With direct cremation, the choice of gathering does not have to be arranged right away, which provides family and friends the luxury of time to arrange schedules and control costs associated with immediate travel.