At Community Cremation we offer a wide selection of urns, jewelry, and other memorial products to help you honor, remember and cherish the memory of your loved one. We have also kept our costs down by reducing the inventory on-hand and providing ordering online or through a catalog.


Urns come in an array of materials such as wood, ceramic and metal, marble, cloisonné, and biodegradable material such as paper and salt. They vary in size to include keepsakes that allow small amounts of cremated remains to be shared with loved ones. Most options can be personalized with engraving.


An assortment of jewelry is also available at Community Cremation and comes in materials such as silver, gold, plated, stainless steel, and glass. Pendants range from hearts and crosses to cylinders and teddy bears or even a watch that carries cremated remains in the workings. Most jewelry contains a pinch of cremated remains and many of these allow for personalized engraving.

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The following links will take you to our providers where you can make your selection and contact us to place the order for you. The urn is shipped directly to Community Cremation where we inspect the item before delivery and place the cremated remains for you.


A Florida based company offering a variety of affordable urns.


Here you will find works of art in real gold and silver and watches that can contain a pinch of cremated remains.


Prayer cards, Memorial cards & more
Have Community Cremation personalize prayer cards and memorial folders. Get the matching register books too.

Community Cremation accepts payment by cash, check, debit and credit cards.